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COHORT / 001

Picture of Nneka Ezeanya
Nneka Ezeanya
“Your go to for Immigration and lifestyle content."
Picture of Dennis Mathu
Dennis Mathu
"They make money simple"
Picture of Reangsei Phos
Reangsei Phos
“Film director navigating the film space while teaching you the process of filmmaking"
Picture of Melissa Falconer
Melissa Falconer
“Visual artist sharing the behind the scenes of how to run an art business”
Picture of Laura Mitbrodt
Laura Mitbrodt
"Vintage beauty historian who loves 20th century history and pop culture"
Picture of Kat Lopez
Kat Lopez
"Gaming + lifestyle creator sharing how video games can provide a source of comfort and self-care"
Picture of Stephanie Gordon
Stephanie Gordon
"They make money simple"
Picture of Timothée Ouellon
Timothée Ouellon
Influencer specializing in casual luxury who teaches how to find a style and show it with confidence.
Picture of Samantha Mastrella
Samantha Mastrella
"Gaming creator sharing her passion from Roblox to Sandbox through a diverse selection of popular games"


COHORT / 002

Picture of Ashley Flores
Ashley Flores
A multi-dimensional content creator passionate about spirituality, personal development, lifestyle and more!
Artin Avaznia
As a solo dance artist, and creative director, Artin Avaznia has created a movement that aims to revolutionize the way dance is perceived and consumed. Through his self-produced, music video-like dance visuals and live performances, he strives to break barriers and push dance into new creative spaces. Artin uses YouTube as a distribution platform for his dance visuals as well as documenting his unique journey through his series, Art'n Talk
Alex Kade
Hailed as one of the rising stars of “sadboi EDM” from Toronto, Alex Kade effortlessly fuses emotion, hype, Rock, and EDM to tug on the heartstrings of electronic music lovers everywhere. Only debuting in the middle of a pandemic in 2020, Alex Kade has already went on to DJ and host his signature “Anime Raves” at Anime Expo (Los Angeles), Otafest (Calgary), Otakuthon (Montréal), and UwU Con (Phoenix). With over 20 million total views on his videos showcasing his “sadboi EDM”, mixed in with his love for Anime music, it’s just a matter of “when, not if” before Alex Kade becomes a regular name in the electronic world.
Marina Esiri Iyeme-Eteng
The Immigrant's one-stop shop for settling into life in Canada. Come along to see the highs, the lows and the things most people shy away from
Mallory Rowan
At the age of 22, Mallory co-founded what quickly became a multi-six figure, globally recognized powerlifting apparel brand. After experiencing a major burnout, she knew there was a better way to build businesses. By the age of 27, she'd built three multi-six figure businesses. By 29, she hit a $1M net worth. Today, she helps entrepreneurs build without burning out and shares content about health, wealth, and happiness to help others build a life they don’t hate
Nana Nimoh
Hair care can be complicated. We make it simple. A hair enthusiast duo, dedicated to creating captivating and educational content from both a male and female perspective, demystifying the complexities of hair care
Sherrese Slone
Hair care can be complicated. We make it simple. A hair enthusiast duo, dedicated to creating captivating and educational content from both a male and female perspective, demystifying the complexities of hair care
Spitty is an Indian rapper from Brampton, Canada who is creating a monumental buzz with a dedicated following. His music carries a thoughtful yet energetic nature as he strives to inspire listeners through his songs. South Asian samples and instruments blend with North American influence to birth his unique approach to hip hop. Spitty's debut album Full Circle was a hit around the world, receiving praise from everyone including Rolling Stone India & Much Music Canada, highlighting his national and global reach. He’s since performed at multiple festivals and sold out concerts and led a 6 week USA tour in early 2022. His hit single Not For Me has been featured on HotNewHipHop and Rolling Stone India. Spitty will continue releasing 1 single a month all year long as he looks to truly make a name for himself on an international stage.
Tracy Ma
Tracy is an ex engineer featured on Huffington Post, Canadian Real Estate Wealth Magazine, Medium, TD Direct Investing + more. At 35, she built a 7 figure legacy and quit her to live life on her own terms. Now she’s here to guide you on your journey and help you live your best life. Teaching you to invest in Stocks & Real Estate with confidence
Justin Chamoun
“Converse With Me” started as a visual podcast that discusses topics in Hip Hop and R&B. The mission of the channel is to fuel conversation, in a world flooded with surface talk. In present-day Converse With Me has expanded into a marketing agency, dealing with various clients within the music industry. I also write for various publications, feel free to contact me if you're interested in a concert review or artist interview!
Dakota Willis
Also known as Cptwillis, Dakota Willis is a lifestyle influencer wanting to inspire and motivate people through storytelling & self development videos. There is no better feeling than seeing the comments about people wanting to challenge themselves after seeing a piece of your content. Or even seeing all the self growth you went through over the years
Reni Odetoyinbo
Reni Odetoyinbo is a content creator, marketing consultant, and finance educator based in Toronto, Ontario. On her YouTube channel, ‘xoreni’ she shares resources around career development and financial literacy. After purchasing her first house at the age of 23, she started to share her knowledge with others in the hopes of helping Black folks become more financially literate. Over the past two years, Reni has built a community of over 100,000 individuals across her platforms. Professionally, Reni was awarded the Bay St. Bull 30 x 30 in 2022, The Peak’s Most Influential Leaders in 2023, she is on the leadership board of York University’s Black Alumni Network and is an alumnus of YouTube Black’s Class of 2022.
Dashawn Stephens
After finishing a 5-year varsity football career at the University of Waterloo, Stephens founded PRSVRE Media Group in 2020. Commonly referred to as PRSVRE, the company reimagines the Canadian university sports fan experience through U SPORTS coverage and athlete-driven storytelling, while sitting at the intersection of sport, culture and innovation. Now in its fourth year, PRSVRE Media Group is Canada’s largest university sports media company, as well as one of Canada’s fastest-growing sports media companies, reaching over 1.2 million Canadian sports fans monthly on platforms such as Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, and LinkedIn through engaging content that sheds light on the heavily underserved community of Canadian university athletes.
Erin Lawrence
Erin reviews tech & gadgets, providing trustworthy information for consumers to make smart buying decisions about home & mobile technology.
Segen Misghina
Lifestyle content creator, empowering you to embrace your true beauty and feel your absolute best